Marta Krajnik

The Founder

The ‘Show Runner’ of Kipato Unbranded – Marta does everything from start to finish and generally is the ‘go to’ person for Kipato Unbranded.

Marta manages the relationships with the artists who are in charge of all production. Marta collaboratively creates designs for Kipato Unbranded, working together with the artists to develop quality products. She oversees the entire sales and marketing of Kipato Unbranded products, including local and international exhibitions and the online shop.

Marta leads on streamlining all aspects  of the social enterprise including photography, website design, brand design, and marketing materials. She also manages Kipato Unbranded’s social media channels and is responsible for legal and financial accountability.

M. Krajnik


Mobile: +254 701 407 936

Whatsapp: +44 803 4343